BlackLine Implementation

Clearview Solutions is a North Carolina based Certified Implementation Partner of BlackLine Systems. If you don’t have the time or resources to implement BlackLine’s financial close solutions, Clearview is available and ready to assist you. We provide experienced advisors at competitive rates. Our team of former “Big 4” managers, CFOs, Controllers and Internal Auditors has significant experience in utilizing best practices to streamline the close process. We will help you maximize your BlackLine investment and complete your project with optimal results.

BlackLine System Capabilities and Deliverables:

      Project Management

§  Evaluate your specific needs and goals

§  Prepare a project plan

§  Coordinate the project to ensure that it is smooth with minimal surprises

Project Execution and Optimization

§  Set up required system configurations

§  Import and validate accounts/balances, user data, account settings and tasks

§  Propose settings that optimize efficiency e.g. auto certifications, frequencies & tolerances

§  Review and recommend system, application and user settings

§  Discuss our observations regarding best practices

 Transfer Knowledge

§  Provide group and individual training as needed

§  Complement BlackLine training with our knowledge of best practices

Post-Implementation Support

§  Serve as an ongoing resource for technical questions and issues

§  Draw on our experiences to further streamline your business process

§  Evaluate opportunities to leverage the matching, variance & journal entry modules